Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who will Build the North West Rail LInk?

At an EcoTransit forum last night, about one hundred concerned residents listened and applauded while spokespersons for the Liberal party and the Greens gave clear and unqualified commitments to start building the North West Rail Link during the first term of the next government, if the voters permit.

Minister for Transport John Robertson had been invited to attend representing the Labor government, and it had been expected that he would be present, but in the event he did not appear. 

Dr Michelle Zeibots, invited speaker with expertise in rail traffic management, gave an excellent presentation on the beneficial results the link would bring, and refuted some of the arguments, especially cost, that have been used against the proposal.

Carolyn Watt of the BCCT asked about the proposed route from where the rail will commence at what Dr Zeibots called 'the Cheltenham Link', but those present were not able to be specific.   Residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham will be waiting eagerly for the response.

Another forum will be held at the Epping Club in Epping, on Thursday 10 March at 6 pm, hopefully all parties will be represented then, and possibly Carolyn's question will be answered there.

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