Tuesday, March 8, 2011

M2 Widening Project Update

Earlier posts have tried to keep pace with announcements from the M2 Project.  After the BCCT AGM on Monday, Peter Colacino and others from Transurban gave a very helpful presentation on the latest plans. 

Murray Farm / Kirkham Street M2 Road Bridge:
Regarding the road bridge, they will need to calculate what the bridge will be able to carry while in an interim modification state next year.  It might be that buses and other heavy vehicles will have to be denied access during that period, which is currently planned for April to October 2011.  Until then buses can use the bridge.  Two directional control by traffic lights will be implemented very soon.

Chilworth Recreation Reserve:
Transurban will start building the Construction Camp under the viaducts next week.  This was expected.  But a statement that surprised us was that Transurban / RTA have decided to close pedestrian access across the link path under the motorway during working hours!  That's 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.  All the earlier documentation implied that access would only be barred during special activities.

This blog will keep people informed as more information comes available.

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