Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beecroft Cheltenham Rail Noise

The main northern rail line grade through our above suburbs is known as the Beecroft bank.  It is one of the steepest rail grades in NSW.  Added to that is the curving nature of the tracks as they negotiate the hilly terrain through this steep grade.   With these notable curves comes noise, or squeak/scream, as many wheel flanges try to adjust for track curvature.  The numbers of freight trains passing our suburbs reflects the prosperity of our times, and the economies rail can provide over trucking heavy goods long distances.

These factors compound to produce notable noise levels, which can block out conversation at close range.  They also impact the amenity of homes nearby, particularly at night where there are relatively low ambient noise levels in our suburbs.  The Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust is keeping in touch with the Pennant Hills & District Civic Trust, and key Shire residents as far away as Cowan, who have expressed interest or concern about their local rail noise levels.

Your Trust understands that previous rail authority practice was to install and refill pressure oil canisters along such track to lubricate the rail/wheel interface and reduce local noise.  We similarly understand that this practice has been discontinued.


Please let the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust know.

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