Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proposed Development, George Street

Marcia Horvai, President of Pennant Hills Civic Trust, has a letter in February's Monthly Chronicle about problems associated with a proposed development of a McDonald's outlet on the corner of George Street and Pennant Hills Road.
The PHCT website is at where you can find the Trust's concerns, and information about how you can add your say to the debate.

New Bus Service Starting

A new bus service, the M60, is starting on 7 March which goes through Pennant Hills railway station and up Boundary Road, starting and ending at Hornsby and Parramatta.  For more information go to or phone Transport Info on 131500.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hornsby Shire Rate Proposal community meeting

Go to the Hornsby Shire Council rate proposal online discussion forum and have your say about the future funding of asset maintenance and improvements and the delivery of services within the Hornsby Shire. You are also invited to attend one of the community meetings and feedback sessions being conducted by Hornsby Shire Council, as advertised on their website.
Please note the change of address below for tonight's
Hornsby Shire Rate Proposal community meeting.
Community Meeting - 7pm The Beecroft Club
128 Copeland Road West, Beecroft

M2 Vegetation Clearance, Chilworth Recreation Reserve

A very concerned local resident sent this to the BCCT after a meeting held recently by the M2 Widening Project:

"When I went to the meeting last Friday about vegetation clearing it appeared that they are still making up their mind about what they will do for access. While it seems definite that they will use the original access by the golf course for incoming vehicles there now seems doubt that they will come in or leave at Allerton Road.
"They may try to build a ramp for vehicles to leave the site on the southern side of the M2 back onto Orchard Road where the detention ponds are and not on the footpath they use now.
Mark Hood from Hornsby Council has said that Council is not happy for them to use the footpath and there is also Council land involved if they came in from Allerton Road.
"The Allerton Road option would be a real loss because it would involve the clearing of a swathe of bushland which is in good condition just for a temporary access. It seems very unsatisfactory to me that consent has been given for this project without actually looking at conditions on the ground despite concerns expressed in submissions.
"Also Council are saying they are unaware that the M2 currently use the footpath off Orchard Road as access, something I am somewhat incredulous about as I know it has been a problem that trucks use that track for other bushcarers and residents in that area as well as myself since the M2 opened. It has been the only access available for anyone doing work in that area be it Council, the Water or Electricity authorities or the M2.
"I am hopeful that the Allerton Road option will not go ahead but will have to wait and see."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RTA responds to BCCT Survey

It's not known how much influence the BCCT survey on the Murray Farm Road bridge over the M2 had with the RTA, but it is pleasing to see they have announced in their latest bulletin to locals that they intend to implement the policy that the survey respondents overwhelmingly supported - the bridge will be kept in single lane operation during weekdays, with alternate direction traffic light control. 

The RTA state that, necessarily, the bridge will sometimes have to be closed, but this will be some night or weekend closures.  Hopefully those closures will hasten completion of the bridge so all restrictions can be removed significantly more quickly than presently forecast! 

Weight restrictions preventing buses from crossing the bridge will be enforced at one stage of the widening activity, currently planned for April 2012 through to October 2012.  During that period the 553 bus service will have to be re-routed.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet the State Election Candidates

The Trust has invited the candidates for Epping in the March 26 State Election to come to a Meet the Candidates night on March 14, at 8pm at the Cheltenham Recreation Club.  Candidates Emma Heyde (Greens), Amy Smith (ALP), and Greg Smith (Liberal) have agreed to attend and to answer questions.

Buses to be rerouted round M2 Kirkham Road Bridge

The latest bulletin of the BCCT explains latest news about how the M2 widening project will affect residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham.  The key fact is that during the time the spans under the Murray Farm / Kirkham Road bridge are being widened, buses will not be allowed to cross the bridge! 

The Trust is concerned that the project team, RTA and Transurban, seem to have done nothing to alert users of the bridge of the imminent disruption to their lives.  So far Sydney buses have not been told of this, nor have any new routes been announced, nor have schools been made aware of project plans!  The Trust believes that, at the least, Transurban should have placed large notices on and around the bridge, advising residents of the intended dates of closure.

The most significant issue seems to be that Transurban are stating it will take exactly as long (22 months) to widen the bridge spans as it will to widen the entire section of the M2.  Clearly the planners need to focus on getting the bridge back to full unrestricted use as quickly as possible, and it is ridiculous to imagine that the timescales of the two jobs are so closely linked.  Transurban need to get the bridge modifications out of the way as quickly as possible.