Monday, December 14, 2015

Tawny Frogmouths sighted

Ross Walker sent out pictures taken in his back yard showing a family of tawny frogmouth owls!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Residents don't want the "Disney Harbour" Bridge

The secretary received a long letter blasting the whole justification for the new Beecroft Foot Bridge now being built behind the Community Hall.
He asks if it is too late to stop the lunacy, but sadly we fear it is. It's even impossible to find who wants it, all we know is the identity of the company contracted to build it. The Trust, and many others, have tried to protest but it's impossible. Those in the Trust who know about such things just say "It's a political thing, nothing to do with residents' needs or wishes."
This correspondent is elderly and partially disabled, and states that he would much prefer to take his chances crossing Beecroft Road at the lights, where there are normally people around to help and protect him if he gets into trouble. He would never go up in the lift after dark because that would place himself at risk of muggers hiding up there, or following him up into the bridge, where they could rob him at leisure and run away long before any police arrived.
I am sure RMS will explain that there will be CCTV cameras in the bridge walkway, but any competent crim would spray paint over the lenses of the cameras before attacking a helpless old man. Will the police respond every time the CCTV cameras go black?
The author of the letter also admits he dreads the thought of trying to cross the bridge against "hordes of children rushing in the opposite direction".
So thank you, Concerned Citizen of Beecroft, all we can say is that we fought hard either to stop the bridge or to get an explanation of why the politicians thought it was necessary. Both efforts failed.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Council Services Calender Updates

The council's website still shows 2015 dates for Bulky Waste Collection, for Beecroft areas those dates were February and July 2015. Apparently the web site calendar only gets updated at the end of the year, which doesn't help people plan! So instead we have to phone the council and ask, taking up our time and HSC staff time. Surely better to update the calendar?

Monday, November 23, 2015


This monster B-Double truck, emerging from The Module building site, broke down at the traffic lights. The driver backed his rig and trailer down the street and the big yellow recovery vehicle was summoned.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Construction Work in Beecroft

Everyone knows that the Beecroft Shopping Village is awash with heavy construction traffic from four separate residential and commercial building projects and the ETTT. Despite this, RMS is going ahead immediately with construction of the pedestrian footbridge near the Cheltenham Road traffic lights! If ever there was a time to delay a project, surely this is that time! Especially as there is so much opposition to the whole concept, principle, and planned implementation of the foot bridge! Come on, RMS, show some common sense and postpone the build until the heavy vehicle works traffic reduces.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beecroft Rd Pedestrian Bridge

Despite a lot of protests and suggestions for improvements, the designers and builders of the bridge are apparently continuing with their original plans. But of course these are just the contractors employed by RMS. The Trust is finding it impossible to find or converse with the decision makers who should be considering the objections that the residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham have so clearly and repeatedly expressed.

Strata Selling Changes

The new Strata law stipulates that when 75% of owners want to sell they can force a sale. Some believe this was brought in to ensure the Arcade can be sold despite the large number of strata owners, who have in the past refused to sell. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turmoil on Hannah Street

A mechanical digger destined for the Module demolition site was brought down Hannah Street, on a trailer pulled by a prime mover. The driver got out without stopping the engine, and the combination started rolling forward, coming to a stop when the prime mover hit the tree just before the pedestrian crossing. A large crowd watched the embarrassed driver as he got back into the cab and put on the handbrake! Then he had to get the digger off the trailer so he could back the trailer clear of the tree, reload the digger, and drive off.
The scar in the tree trunk is still very visible.

HSC Survey about Resident Preferences

Hornsby Shire Council held surveys asking people to choose amongst ten options for local infrastructure priorities. They conducted a mail out surey, receiving some 500 replies, and an online survey with nearly 200 responses. In both cases, the option "Purchase of bushland at 79-87 Malton Road Beecroft" came first, with a total of 270 (33.4%) respondents selecting this option.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

RMS's proposed new Pedestrian Bridge over Beecroft Road

The BCCT has analysed RMS's answers about our concerns regarding the proposed pedestrian bridge south of the Beecroft Community Centre.

In view of the huge population shift happening at the north end of the shopping village, the Trust asked, "Is a bridge north of the Cheltenham Rd intersection a better option than one far down at the southern end of the village?"

In response, RMS say that a pedestrian bridge would "not be feasible at the intersection of Beecroft Road and Hannah Street" due to the possible need to acquire private property. The Trust believes that, if the Cheltenham Road or Hannah Street crossings are better locations from the road safety viewpoint, then the budget should be increased as required, rather than building the bridge where it won't help the majority of the population just because it's cheaper there.

The RMS response fails to address the question of advertising on the bridge. It appears that the bridge is being designed to accept the additional weight required for large billboards. Why would this extra design and construction cost be incurred, if for heritage reasons advertising will never be permitted on the bridge?

The consent authority for the bridge is RMS, not council. Once the bridge is built the advertising section in Finance will be under pressure to obtain the easy long term revenue stream from advertising in this prime location. Do we really want a massive illuminated billboard across Beecroft Road? Is this, even, the main motivation for the bridge? The Trust believes we need to get an unambiguous statement from the Minister that advertising will never be allowed on this bridge EVER. So far that assurance has not been given. The bridge design should be kept lightweight both to reduce costs andso that it can never be adapted to carry heavy advertising.

Residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham need to make their views known now, before the bridge is built in the wrong location and with built in capability to carry large advertising boards!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The New Module Development

Beware of following the owner's sign about turning left off Beecroft Road down the lane leading to the car park.  RMS has always banned such left turns because of the danger of a shunt as fast traveling cars follow you around the bend in Beecroft Road.  We feel that RMS should take action on this marketing ploy by the new owners.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The lovely White Mahogany tree is gone. Who is to blame?

Suddenly there is a flurry of media attention about the tragic loss of this lovely white mahogany tree behind 83 Beecroft Rd.  But the time for all that activity was at the JRPP on 18 September last year, where I and a very few others pointed out to the JRPP members how lovely the tree was and how it should be protected. 
The developers argued that the tree couldn't be seen from the road, but we pointed out to the JRPP that when the module is developed there will be a public open space opening out to where that tree stood.  Shoppers and residents in the Module public open space would have that tree standing proudly before them, to inspire generations to come about the beauty of, and the importance of preserving, such wonderful natural resources.
Inevitably however the developers outnumbered the objectors, and the JRPP duly found in favour of the developers and eight months later the tree is gone!  Why did the media start protesting a few days before the tree was chopped down?
Instead of wringing your hands in belated anguish, check the Tuesday, September 16, 2014 post on this blog and ask yourself why you didn't go to the JRPP to plead for this magnificent tree.  Instead of bemoaning the fallen tree stumps, ask why the campaign to save the tree didn't start for six months after the original JRPP ruling.
Similarly the Rural Fire Service's infamous 10/50 rule continues to allow almost any tree that blocks an owner's view or future development to be removed with no need even to pretend that it was a fire risk.  Despite endless muttering and media articles nothing is even in prospect to remedy this self imposed evil.  If asked, most politicians agree that places with no significant fire risk should be exempted, and even fire specialists agree that solitary trees are a greater fire risk than solid masses of trees acting as wind breaks.  But a year after 10/50 was introduced nothing has changed.  Check the BCCT post on this topic dated 13 August 2014 optimistically assuming something would be done to control the madness.  Ten months later all the best trees have gone.
Let's see if we can do better with the proposed concreting of the Malton Road wild life corridor.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Module Shopping Mall

The new owners are painting the east wall of the module.  We suspect this is in support of the promotion of sales for the development, using a display room expected to be in the corner where Ray White Beecroft were until they moved across the pathway.  This would suggest there will be a delay in commencement of demolition until some number of residential sales have been achieved, which might delay the loss of the 90 car park spaces behind the module.  Indeed, to promote the sales they will need pedestrial traffic through the Module mall.


There is a Development Application before Council for the Byles Creek bushland off Malton Rd, between Beecroft and Pennant Hills.  More applications are pending and between them, the majority of the bushland in lower Byles Creek will be destroyed.  This is land that the local community has been fighting to protect since the 1960s!
Thanks to tremendous Community pressure, Council has now approached the NSW State Govt to acquire threatened portions of Byles Creek Valley and protect it in perpetuity.  Our Beecroft and Cheltenham Civic Trust and the Byles Creek Valley Union have also forwarded experts’ reports supporting their written submission to acquire and rezone this land as public space.
We now need you, your neighbours and your friends to bombard the State Govt with emails, calling on them to protect this unique old growth forest, home to a critically endangered population of Gang-gang Cockatoos, threatened Powerful Owls plus many other threatened species who call this valley home.
We have a newly elected Government.  Let them know you also demand this land be acquired and protected for now and forever.  But time is short!  Council has only given us a small window in which to act.
The Hon Mark Speakman, Minister for the Environment Heritage & Assistant Minister for Planning:
Copy to Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning
Please also sign our online petition. Follow the links to Byles Creek Valley at

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lovely Tree Coming Down Tuesday

This beautiful white mahogany tree will be cut down on Tuesday, as part of the residential development on the corner of Beecroft Road and Chapman Avenue.

At the JRPP hearing we insisted that this tree would be a magnificent asset to the Beecroft Shopping Centre, once the Module is completed with it's public open space opening out onto this lovely tree.  The JRPP found for the developer and approved the removal of the tree

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stringybark Ridge park under threat

The Trust believes the draft Berowra Valley National Park draft Plan of Management threatens the bushland status of the Stringybark Ridge bushland park near Thornleigh.
If you agree with the following sentiments, please lodge comments before 7 July 2015 by email to:  You may want to include the following points, as you see fit:
1.      I support the use of Stringybark Ridge for passive recreation as defined in the National Park's Masterplan for Stringybark Ridge 2007.  This includes the use as a low key camping area for users of the Great North Walk.
2.      I oppose the establishment of a sportsground or sporting facilities at Stringybark Ridge for the following reasons:  a.  It is illegal under the National Parks and Wildlife Act  b.  There is insufficient space to provide adequate parking  c.  Soil disturbance will lead to weed encroachment  d.  Impact of water and nutrient runoff on surrounding bushland   e.  Night lighting will disturb the behaviours of nocturnal birds and animals  f.  Exclusivity -the sporting fields will only be used by a limited group of people.
3.      I do not support the revocation of the National Park land for sporting fields
4.      I oppose the construction of a mountain bike track near Stringybark Ridge, or anywhere else in the park, because mountain biking within bushland is not compatible with the objectives of the National Parks Act. Bike riding should be confined to the existing management trails.
5.      I agree with the statement in the draft plan that horse riding is not a suitable activity within the park.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Autumn Walk

A great success today.  We had a total of 37 walkers.  The longer walk traversed the Byles Ck catchment .  the shorter walk inspected the ETTT reconstruction of Cheltenham Station and the proposed seniors housing on Sutherland Rd.
Councillor Robert Brown attended.
We had representatives from STEP.
Rod talked about early sawmilling in the area and about the creation of the Field of Mars Common and its gradual reduction from the sale of Crown land through subdivisions to finance much needed infrastructure such as the railway. (nothing has changed in 200 years)
We talked about the Malton Rd 6 lot subdivision as well.
The weather was perfect and afternoon tea was superb

New Ruling on Apartment Sizes

Land and Environment Court Justice Sheehan made a ruling in a dispute between Botany City Council and developer Botany Developments Pty Ltd over the size of 158 units in a three to six storey complex. Justice Sheehan said the widely used standard of the “rules of thumb” included in the Residential Flat Design Code was not the guideline that should be followed for minimum sizing, as set out in State Environmental Planning Policy 65, and an adjoining table in the code which lists dramatically larger sizes is the correct guideline. The table advises at least 58 square metres for a one bedroom apartment, and 91 square metres for a two bedroom apartment. Botany City Council's own development control plan lists 75 square metres as the minimum size for one bedroom dwellings.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

79-87 Malton Rd - Letter to the Minister by NCC

14 May 2015
Byles Creek Valley, Beecroft
Dear Minister Speakman, 
The Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC) is the peak environment organisation representing more than 130 member organisations across New South Wales. Together we are committed to protecting nature and conserving wildlife, landscapes and natural resources.
We have been contacted by members of the Beecroft and Cheltenham community regarding a development application at 79-87 Malton Road, Beecroft which could threaten the integrity of high conservation value bushland in the Byles Creek Valley. This area is part of a 40 hectare strip of land linking Lane Cove National Park to Pennant Hills Park and serves as habitat for many endangered flora and fauna species.
The Development Application (DA 94/2013) would result in the clearing of undisturbed bushland, fragmenting the important wildlife habitat and leading to a critical loss of connectivity between populations. 
We understand that a range of threatened species including the Swift Parrot (listed as endangered under the EPBC Act and TSC Act), Grey-headed Flying Fox (listed as vulnerable under the EPBC Act and the TSC Act), Powerful Owl (listed as vulnerable under the TSC Act), Giant burrowing Frog (listed as vulnerable under the EPBC Act and the TSC Act), and Red-crowned Toadlet (listed as vulnerable under the TSC Act) have all been recorded in the area.
Additionally, the Gang-gang Cockatoo, whose population in Hornsby and Ku-Ring-Gai local government areas is listed as endangered in NSW, has been identified at the site.  This endangered species has significant conservation value as it is the last known breeding population of the species in the Sydney Metropolitan area1. The Gang-gang cockatoo usually frequents forested areas with old growth attributes for nesting and roosting purposes, and the site is therefore an important habitat area for this species.  

At its council meeting on 11 March 2015, Hornsby Shire Council unanimously resolved:
“to write to the Minister for the Environment… seeking the NSW Government’s commitment to purchase 79-87 Malton Road, Beecroft on the basis that it provides important habitat for a diversity of native flora and fauna including several threatened species such as the Gang-Gang Cockatoo endangered population and the vulnerable Powerful Owl and Grey-Headed Flying Fox and forms part of an important wildlife corridor that allows species to disperse and transfer genetic material between local reserves and Lane Cove National Park”2.
The National Parks Establishment Plan 2008 and its proposed replacement, the Direction Statement for National Parks Establishment 2015-2020, both clearly state that the long-term viability of many reserves and of the whole protected area system rely on the maintenance of vegetated corridors between reserves or other core areas of native vegetation as they enable species to move across landscape and mitigate to new natural or climate conditions. This particular area of land joins Lane Cove National Park and Pennant Hills Park and should therefore be considered for high priority acquisition and protection by the National Parks and Wildlife Services.
The proposal, together with two additional proposals that are expected to follow, will lead to the clearing of land for residential development and significant destruction of important high conservation land which is habitat for threatened species. We note that further clearing is likely to occur due to the 60 metre Asset Protection Zone required by the Rural Fire Service. Approving this development application would set an unfortunate precedent regarding similar development projects in the area.
We support calls from the community and Hornsby Shire Council seeking the NSW Government’s commitment to purchase 79-87 Malton Road, Beecroft and to provide permanent protection as part of the National Parks Estate, on the basis that it provides important habitat for a diversity of native flora and fauna including several threatened species such as the Gang-gang Cockatoo endangered population and the vulnerable Powerful Owl and Grey-headed Flying Fox and forms part of an important wildlife corridor.
Kate Smolski        Chief Executive Officer  Nature Conservation Council

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wall to Wall Trucks on Chapman Road

This pic was taken on Chapman Avenue Thursday morning, showing a line of B-Double trucks waiting to get into the central development on Chapman Avenue. 
One of the workmen told me that they are starting to demolish the remaining buildings at the Croft development at the western end of Chapman Avenue next week.  The Grove development at the eastern end has a huge pile of excavated earth clearly waiting for another fleet of B-Doubles.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trust Autumn Walk this weekend!

The Autumn walk is described in the post on this blog dated 1 April.  Recognising that the advertised autumn walk is longer than normal, it has been decided ALSO to hold a shorter walk for those who feel the full walk is a bit daunting. 

The full walk involves two hours of steady  walking.  There are steps along the bush tracks, the occasional puddle and a small creek crossing, but it's still a bit much if you have a dodgy knee or heart.
The short walk will be shorter and slower.  It will do a loop, up Day Rd to Sutherland Rd where there will be a brief talk about the proposed seniors development at 14-18 Sutherland Rd .  Then along to Kethel Rd to Malton Rd and meet the main walkers at the Malton Rd subdivision site at about 3.30pm.  There will be a short talk about the subdivision and its impact on the biodiversity in Byles Ck
Then both groups will combine and walk back to Day Rd via the bush track along Byles Ck.
Expect afternoon tea about 4. 10 at the end of Day Rd.

Epping to Chatswood Rail Shutdown

Jacob Saulwick posted an excellent article in today's Sydney Morning Herald, describing how train services in our area will be disrupted for almost a year in late 2018 to early 2019.  State government intends, as part of the North West Rail Link, to shut down the Epping to Chatswood tunnel while the track, signalling system, and platforms are modified to match the NWRL driverless mini-trains.

Apparently businesses around Macquarie Park are beginning to express serious concerns about how buses can be used to substitute for the existing heavy rail passenger service.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Parking Around Beecroft Shopping Village

Hornsby Shire Council's 'solution' to the problem of construction traffic at the new developments along Chapman Avenue is to take away public parking space! 
The new signs are not yet up but the builders have fenced off most of the north side of the street.  This comes at a really bad time for local residents, with the Module parking area, 95 spaces, about to be taken out of use.  We are invited to contact Traffic and Road Safety for more information, but there is no offer of community consultation.
The developer's construction plan should include providing space on site for the trucks waiting to load.  Yesterday there were three B Double trucks blocking Chapman Avenue waiting for their turn to go on site.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kiss and Drive Parking at Cheltenham Station

Lachlan May gave a presentation at last night's BCCT Committee Meeting on parking issues at Cheltenham Station, based on the submission he made when the ETTT first presented their intentions, as discussed in a letter he had published in the NDT on 25 February of this year.

This extract from the NSW brochure shows how the parking on Sutherland Road has been altered, making it impossible for people to deliver commuters to the station and exit cleanly.  In the past, such people had entered the car park, driven to the end of the space and dropped their passenger, then left through the exit at the other end.  This was an efficient way of minimising commuter cars parked around the station, because all who could do so would leave their cars at home!

Under ETTT plans now, the large number of such "Kiss and Drive" cars trying to drop commuters off at the station will find it impossible using the double width access to the park.  They will either go into the car park and attempt a U-turn inside the car park, completely blocking the car park, or more likely they will park briefly but illegally outside the station grounds, blocking the road.

Lachlan, and the BCCT, ask why this change was implemented.  Two single access paths take up no more room than the proposed double exit, but allows continuous flow of traffic through the restricted space.

Bill Aitkin receives BCCT Certificate

At Tuesday's committee meeting Bill Aitken being awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for dedicated community service over 40 years publishing the Monthly Chronicle newspaper

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beecroft Shopping Centre Developments

All the shops in the Module except for IGA have now vacated.
The owners have taken the top parking area out of use and it will not be reverted to public parking before demolition commences.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Changing Government Minds

In discussions about the way the Beecroft Footbridge has been presented, and suggestions for changes, the following sentiments were expressed by one correspondent.  They sum up our experiences so well!

"I don't think there is such a thing as influencing decisions with TfNSW or RMS once some bureaucrat has decided and drawn a line on a new railway track or a new bridge.  They need to get certain projects as their legacy.  Community consultation is not what it sounds like.  It is actually notification and any number of submissions don't make any difference."  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pedestrian Foot Bridge on Beecroft Rd

At the AGM last Wednesday, RMS gave a presentation on the proposed pedestrian foot bridge to span Beecroft Road.  The present plan is to install this to the south of the community centre, on the basis that any installation closer to the Beecroft shops is technically difficult.  Interestingly, the RMS presenters were not aware of all the new residential units, and big new shopping centre, all going in well to the north of the fire station, nor of the fact that the fire station is currently zoned to be replaced with mixed residential and commercial development. 

The questions from the audience quickly made it clear that nobody believed the bridge in this distant location will be used.  The meeting urged RMS to look again at the reasons why the bridge can't be built perhaps with its eastern end at the fire-station.  There's a nice garden on the southern end of the fire station that could be used as one end of the bridge.  Surely it would be best to install the bridge there now, while "payment" for access would be just transfer of funding between government departments.  Once the land is owned by developers it would be much more expensive to install the bridge there, where people might use it.
This extract from the RMS brochure shows the steepness of the foot paths from the proposed road bridge up to Beecroft shopping centre.

RMS seemed a bit surprised by the scepticism of the audience, most of whom are very familiar with pedestrian traffic flow across Beecroft Rd.  If the locals don't think it will be used if installed where RMS currently propose, they should reconsider.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NWRL Downsizing

Extract from a letter to the NDT:

The North Shore rail line was closed in the early evening of Tuesday 21 April 2015 between Chatswood & Hornsby due to an incident resulting from the storms & winds raining down on Sydney. Commuters were told to take the Chatswood to Epping line, as trains from the North Shore line were being diverted via the Chatswood Epping Line. This is the exact reason, apart from common sense, why the Chatswood to Epping line should not be downgraded to a single deck metro. It was needed as a fully integrated heavy rail line during this emergency. If it was a metro line, the trains from the North Shore line could not have been diverted via Macquarie Park and onto the Northern Line (for its destination to Hornsby, and back down to upper North Shore stations like Gordon & Killara).

Chapman Rd Development flooded

The problem with digging a deep hole just before cyclonic rain fall!

Monday, April 20, 2015

AGM Wednesday Night

Just a reminder, AGM is at Uniting Church Hall 82 Beecroft Rd on Wednesday 22 April at 7.30.  See the main BCCT website for more details.

DA/317/2015 - 14-18 Sutherland Road, Cheltenham

Following a request by a local resident, the time for posting submissions, initially 22 April, has been extended by 2 weeks.

Heritage Listed Church Sold

The church at 179 Beecroft Road was sold at auction for $3M today.  When we know more about the buyer, and the buyer's intentions, we will update this post.
Latest rumour is it's going to be turned into a children's nursery.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Module Demolition Commences - or maybe not

We note that the upper car park at the Module has already been fenced off in preparation for demolition.
PMN False alarm.  Next day a cherry picker truck was parked in the fenced off area and used to take overhead photographs of the Module.  Next day the chain was removed. 

Apartment sizes increased

Land and Environment Court Justice Sheehan made a ruling in a dispute between Botany City Council and developer Botany Developments Pty Ltd over the size of 158 units in a three to six storey complex. Justice Sheehan said the widely used standard of the “rules of thumb” included in the Residential Flat Design Code was not the guideline that should be followed for minimum sizing, as set out in State Environmental Planning Policy 65, and an adjoining table in the code which lists dramatically larger sizes is the correct guideline. The table advises at least 58 square metres for a one bedroom apartment, and 91 square metres for a two bedroom apartment. Botany City Council's own development control plan lists 75 square metres as the minimum size for one bedroom dwellings.

It is noted that the Module DA allows single bedroom units of 50sqm, and two bedroom units of 61sqm.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Save the Gang Gangs

The last known breeding population of Gang Gangs are in the bush at 79 Malton Road, and are now threatened by developers.  Here Barbara Davis displays a sign that will be used to publish their plight.  The Powerful Owl also breeds in this bush area and is also endangered. 
A meeting is planned for Saturday 18 April in the park by Beecroft Railway Station, probably 10am to 12 noon.  Hornsby Shire Council has asked the NSW State Government to purchase the land for the environment.  Please come and show your support for these beautiful but sadly threatened species.


Beecroft Rd Church Being Sold

The beautiful old church at 179 Beecroft Rd is being sold off by HSC with what seems to be indecent haste!  The sale was first listed on the internet 30 March, and a sign went up in the street some time later, announcing the auction as being on 21 April in 50 Margaret Street Sydney.  This doesn't seem to be sufficient time for anyone who was not already aware of the pending sale to do any of the necessary steps to be able to bid.

The Civic Trust has written to HSC to enquire why such haste was necessary, when surely a far better price could have been obtained by better promulgating of the coming sale, and also by having the auction on site.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lyne Park Play Ground

The new playground has been finished, cleverly avoiding any significant interference with the main off-leash dog park.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rail Shutdown Weekend After Easter

A rail shutdown has been scheduled from 2am Saturday 11 April to 2am Monday 13 April. The ETTT project will take advantage of this rail shutdown in order to complete construction activities safely while there are a reduced number of trains using the network and to minimise disruption to rail customers.  Buses will replace trains.

Chapman Avenue Bridge will be closed from 7am to 7pm on Saturday 11 April and Sunday 12 April. The closure will provide safe working space for the installation of safety screens. Traffic control and signage will be in place to assist motorists to detour via Copeland Road Bridge. Please follow directions and proceed carefully.

Autumn Walk, Sunday 17 May

Meet at 2pm near the carpark at the end of Day Rd Cheltenham and return there for afternoon tea at 4.30.  
We will be crossing the creek then using the walking track from Day Rd to Pennant Hills Park, then walking back through to Azalea, Tristania, Sutherland and Malton Roads. At the end of Malton Rd, we will be talking about the bushland we have actively campaigned to save from development (see below). We then will follow the walking track along Byles Creek from the end of Malton Rd to Day Rd.  A short history talk on the suburb will also be provided by the Beecroft History Group.
This is a long walk with steep grades up to Pennant Hills Park and down Malton Rd. Wear walking shoes, a hat and bring water

AGM Confirmed 22 April

AGM confirmed as at Uniting Church Hall 82 Beecroft Rd on Wednesday 22 April at 7.30.  See the main BCCT website for more details.

Concerns about construction traffic

Following a very near-miss, involving two little Arden kids nearly being squashed by a truck, the Wongala-Chapman corner site has been closed, pending a proper traffic-management plan being submitted.  The Police were present last week & apparently were appalled by the traffic issues.  There was also an issue involving a worker urinating in public.  This week the middle [Chapman Avenue] site was operating with traffic backed up and into Beecroft Road - with cars doing three-point turns to avoid local congestion.  What will happen with these three sites and the Module?  Has the Council got a plan for this - or will we just wait for the inevitable accidents and injuries?  Arden School has been pretty active about this as well.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

79-87 Malton Road - Defered by Council

The application to allow residential development of the above land was discussed at the Hornsby Shire Council meeting on 11 March.

After many speakers, Council accepted a motion by Councillors Hutchence, Browne, and Azizi that included the following:

Council write to the Minister for the Environment, Local State Members and candidates for the upcoming State election for the seat of Epping, seeking the NSW Government’s commitment to purchase 79-87 Malton Road, Beecroft on the basis that it provides important habitat for a diversity of native flora and fauna including several threatened species such as the GangGang Cockatoo endangered population and the vulnerable Powerful Owl and Grey-Headed Flying Fox and forms part of an important wildlife corridor that allows species to disperse and transfer genetic material between local reserves and Lane Cove National Park.

The matter was adjourned to allow time for that submission to be put and responded to.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The AGM is tentatively booked for the Uniting Church Hall on Wednesday 22 April at 7.30 to 10.  Further details, agenda, candidates for election to the Committee, and proposed changes to the constitution will be listed here when available, and published in our next bulletin.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Swimming Pool Regulation Implementation Delayed Again

Following discussions with child safety advocates, councils and industry stakeholders, pool owners will be granted a 12-month extension to make sure they have a valid compliance certificate before the property can be sold or leased. “We have listened to stakeholder requests for more time and examined the evidence from certifiers,” Minister for Local Government Paul Toole said. 
“The evidence showed there was a high failure rate for initial inspections and a heavy demand to make pools compliant,” he said. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Footbridge over Beecroft Road

The Trust has been a bit surprised to find out that a pedestrian crossing footbridge over Beecroft Road is planned for early construction.  Apparently some locals received a "Have your Say" document, but clearly this was not distributed to all potential users of the footbridge.

The plan is that the bridge will be built just south of the Community Hall with lift access both sides.

This shows a plan view of the intended location

Here is an artists impression of the finished bridge.
If you wish to have a say on this, submissions are required by next Monday!  Comments received so far include:
"By having ramps originating as closely as possible to the Copeland Road intersections there will be much more likelihood that the bridge will be used by the general public.
The Trust agrees, feeling that the only people likely to use the bridge in this location are those walking along Beecroft Road, who need to cross from one side to the other some time in their journey.  It is hard to imagine people walking from the Copeland Road to the Beecroft shops walking all the way down to the bridge, then over the bridge, and all the way back.  Even now many people cross the road there without waiting for the green pedestrian traffic light.  The location of the bridge seems to have been chosen for ease of construction rather than for usefulness.
"Ramps will eliminate the lifts which are otherwise necessary.  Lifts in public places seem to attract vandalism, so we could do without the inconvenience and expense."
The originator of this comment points out that, as Beecroft Road slopes down toward the intended footbridge, the ramps can exploit that slope.  Certainly there was much opposition to the removal of the ramp at the Epping footbridge.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

79-87 Malton Rd DA 94/2013

This much debated DA refers to the large block of lovely trees just east of the entrance to Byles Creek walking path.
The DA is up for discussion at the Hornsby Shire Council meeting Wednesday 11 March starting at 5pm.  At present the DA is just to provide a driveway through all the lovely trees, but of course if that gets approved it will be hard later to refuse to let people build houses off the drive, and those houses will clear-fell the block.
Come to the meeting, find out more, and have your say.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rail shut down 21 to 23 Feb

A rail shutdown has been scheduled from 2am Saturday 21 February to 2am Monday 23 February where Sydney Trains will undertake various wiring maintenance works between Epping and Thornleigh. The ETTT project will work during this time until 6am Monday 23 February to ensure the safety of workers and to minimise disruption to rail customers. All works are undertaken in accordance with Environmental Protection Licence #20287 and the project’s Conditions of Approval.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

NorthConnex Protest Foiled

Apparently NorthConnex brought forward the 'sod turning' ceremony, and SCAPS, the campaign protesting the ventilation arrangements, suspect this was to avoid a planned protest at the originally scheduled ceremony.

NWRL Second Harbour Tunnel

LABOR leader Luke Foley has said he will dump the second harbour rail tunnel to connect the North West Rail line to the Bankstown line if he wins the March state election.
"I am not convinced another connection from the north is a priority for the city," Mr Foley said.
And that would leave the NWRL stuck terminating at Chatswood.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Meet the NSW Election Candidates 19 Feb

The Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust is holding a Meet the Candidates night, from 8pm on Thursday week, 19 February at Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall behind 6 Welham St Beecroft.  This is the usual custom for our Trust for all Council, NSW and Federal elections.

Kent Ross will chair the meeting, allowing each candidate a short sales pitch then requiring the candidates to address selected issues pertinent to Beecroft and Cheltenham.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Byles Creek Valley Under Threat

There is a development proposal before Hornsby Shire Council to subdivide one lot at the vacant land of 79-87 Malton Road into five residential lots.  Google shows this land to be covered in magnificent trees, and it must be assumed that most of these trees will go as a direct result of the development, and any that survive the development will be at risk of being taken out by the new landlords under the 10/50 rule, where landowners can cut down trees close to the finished properties.
Here is one magnificent tree being felled under that rule early February about a hundred yards from the entry to Byles Creek.
The nearby Byles Creek bushland is a breeding ground for the magnificent Powerful Owl, and home to the last known Sydney population of the Gang Gang Cockatoo.
For those not familiar with the delightful Byles Creek track walk, you enter from the playground park at the end of Malton Road just after the 79-87 Malton block.  The walk comes out near Ahimsa and Day Road.  Enjoy it now before the developers destroy it!

Clean Up Australia Day 1 March

Beecroft's Clean Up Australia Day is from 9:00 to 12:00 on Sunday 1 March, starting in the Village Green.  You must register at the desk there in order to be covered by insurance, and to receive your gloves and other equipment.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Traffic changes, Epping

It is proposed to ban right turns off Langston Place onto Epping Rd, to ease the queue of cars over the Epping railway bridge waiting to turn right onto Blaxland Rd.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Biodiversity Officer made to resign

The Biodiversity Conservation Officer at the Newcastle Office has been asked to resign because of his concerns about the ability of the OEH as a regulator to achieve positive outcomes.  The introduction to his letter of resignation includes this:

"The Mining SEPP makes a mockery of a transparent and ecologically sustainable planning process. It should also be concerning to the people of NSW, as it is to me, that the Department of Planning and OEH itself has been captured in the big coal and gas rush by promoting policies which will guarantee further losses of biodiversity, a situation which is not consistent with international or national environmental obligations."