Thursday, June 23, 2011

M2 Access to Chilworth Reserve

We are delighted to see that Transurban / Leighton has erected the promised handrail over the Devlin Creek at the north side of the construction camp under the viaducts at Chilworth (see earlier posts, 13/6 etc).  It's a very nice looking job, in wood.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rail Noise

The Transport Construction Authority has invited 'organisations with experience in providing noise and vibration assessments to submit tenders for the role of Acoustic Technical Advisor on the Epping to Thornleigh Third Track and Gosford Passing Loops projects. These projects are components of the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor Program.'

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chilworth Reserve Footpath

We noted with pleasure that Transurban/Leightons had improved the path through the construction camp, widening it and putting down more earth to create a much better and safer pathway.  Much appreciated.

They haven't yet installed the promised handrail over the Devlin Creek rocks, but as it turned out with all the rain there was too much water in the creek to cross it this long weekend even with a handrail.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planning Minister acts on Affordable Housing Policy

Brad Hazzard, the new NSW Planning Minister, has announced amendments to the Affordable Rental Housing, State Environmental Planning Policy 2009 (AHSEPP09).  He has called for an immediate halt to new developments under this policy, pending a review.  He has directed that current applications must satisfy a new 'local character' test.
This change of policy will be welcome news to residents in Epping, who have complained bitterly about the proposal to build Affordable Rental Housing at 176-178 Ray Road Epping.  A local resident is quoted as saying "the whole development resembles stacked shipping containers and is simply out of character with the existing streetscape."  A couple of weeks ago Mr Hazzard called this development application "a cash cow opportunity for developers."

Monday, June 6, 2011

DA's Evaluated by the Trust May 2011 - Example of what the trust does

Cheltenham Girls High School
Alts to Conservation area
1 Cardinal Ave Beecroft
Subdivision one lot into two
2/1A Wongala Ave Beecroft
Business sign
5-7-9 Kethel Rd Cheltenham
Subdivision three lots in three
12 Malton Rd Beecroft
Alts & Additions - Heritage
27 Old Beecroft Rd
Alts & Additions
2 Marron Place Beecroft
Subdivision one lot into two
2 Ferndale Rd Beecroft
Alts & Additions
59 Hull Rd Beecroft
Granny flat
22 Boronia Av Beecroft
Front fence
48 Boronia Ave Cheltenham
Outdoor entertaining area
1 Maroota Way Beecroft
New Patio
208 Beecroft Rd Cheltenham
New front fence
3F Lloyd Wright Way Beecroft
New dwelling
I Cardinal Av Beecroft
New dwelling
21 Beecroft Rd Beecroft
New front fence - heritage
59 Beecroft Rd Beecroft
Alts & Additions, Pool - heritage

Easy Access - Beecroft Railway Station Lift

Text of a letter from Michael Stove, President, BCCT, to Greg Smith:

Firstly, congratulations on your appointment as NSW Attorney-General. I am sure you are enjoying the challenges of your new position.
I wish to revisit some earlier issues that are currently unresolved and seek your assistance in securing a meeting with The Minister for Transport to discuss the Easy Access program. I am sure we are both keen to have a reassessment of Beecroft Railway Station for inclusion in the Easy Access Program. Added to this I would like to ascertain if the building of the proposed freight line through Beecroft will have an impact on the assessment for a lift.
I am happy, as the President of the Civic Trust to attend a meeting with yourself and the Minister if it can be arranged,
I look forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Development Applications and non compliance with conditions of consent

The Trust has been successful in bringing to  Council’s attention a breach of a condition that was part of a Development Consent issued by Council.  A local resident was concerned that there was a breach by the builder and he contacted Council.  As the development was being managed by a private certifier and not by Council staff, the resident was told by council to contact the private certifier. When the resident couldn’t get any assistance from the private certifier the resident contacted the Trust.  The builder has now been fined and has been requested to attend to the breach.

It is quite common for developments, such as new houses and extensions, to be supervised by a private certifier and not directly by Council.  Even so council remains the consent authority and is ultimately responsible for the final construction certificate that legally certifies that the development has been correctly built.

Thanks go to our C Ward Councillor Michael Hutchence who enlisted the help of Council staff.  This is important for all residents because if a house has not been correctly built and over time problems develop, and the private certifier has gone out of business, don’t complain to Council.  So be vigilant and if, for an obvious example, a tree is cut down and was clear of any construction then contact the Trust or Council.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arden Anglican School

The Arden school is seeking contributions to their 'Creating an Arden Future' Building Fund Appeal.  Pledges can be sent to PO Box 23, Beecroft, NSW 2119, or information can be obtained by phoning 9484 1146.

F3 to M7 Link

As part of a growing chorus of protest against Wayne Swan's budget dumping of the F3 to M7 link, is this letter to The Advocate:

Dear Sir,

Some facts which need to be stated are that the Sydney Orbital was completed when the M7 met the M2.
The link is between the Orbital and the F3.  The data on which the SKM report for the study was based is now almost 10 years old.  The F3 will be at capacity by about 2016, so funnelling (tunnelling) traffic on the present
route will be futile. The western option as the Pearlman Report named the Review of the F3 to M7 Corridor selection (August 2007) finished with the statement  "a Type C corridor be planned now". ie. the 20 km shorter M7 to Kariong  link. This would be easier and quicker to construct and provide a second Hawkesbury crossing. Getting the interstate trucks on this route would help alleviate the Central Coast traffic as well as Pennant Hills Rd.

Marcia Horvai
President Pennant Hills Civic Trust

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

M2 Access to Chilworth Reserve - Progress

In response to the BCCT letter and subsequent emails, the M2 project has promised to fit a temporary handrail across the crossing point!  They expect it to be in place within the next few weeks.