Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stringybark Ridge park under threat

The Trust believes the draft Berowra Valley National Park draft Plan of Management threatens the bushland status of the Stringybark Ridge bushland park near Thornleigh.
If you agree with the following sentiments, please lodge comments before 7 July 2015 by email to:  You may want to include the following points, as you see fit:
1.      I support the use of Stringybark Ridge for passive recreation as defined in the National Park's Masterplan for Stringybark Ridge 2007.  This includes the use as a low key camping area for users of the Great North Walk.
2.      I oppose the establishment of a sportsground or sporting facilities at Stringybark Ridge for the following reasons:  a.  It is illegal under the National Parks and Wildlife Act  b.  There is insufficient space to provide adequate parking  c.  Soil disturbance will lead to weed encroachment  d.  Impact of water and nutrient runoff on surrounding bushland   e.  Night lighting will disturb the behaviours of nocturnal birds and animals  f.  Exclusivity -the sporting fields will only be used by a limited group of people.
3.      I do not support the revocation of the National Park land for sporting fields
4.      I oppose the construction of a mountain bike track near Stringybark Ridge, or anywhere else in the park, because mountain biking within bushland is not compatible with the objectives of the National Parks Act. Bike riding should be confined to the existing management trails.
5.      I agree with the statement in the draft plan that horse riding is not a suitable activity within the park.

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