Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kiss and Drive Parking at Cheltenham Station

Lachlan May gave a presentation at last night's BCCT Committee Meeting on parking issues at Cheltenham Station, based on the submission he made when the ETTT first presented their intentions, as discussed in a letter he had published in the NDT on 25 February of this year.

This extract from the NSW brochure shows how the parking on Sutherland Road has been altered, making it impossible for people to deliver commuters to the station and exit cleanly.  In the past, such people had entered the car park, driven to the end of the space and dropped their passenger, then left through the exit at the other end.  This was an efficient way of minimising commuter cars parked around the station, because all who could do so would leave their cars at home!

Under ETTT plans now, the large number of such "Kiss and Drive" cars trying to drop commuters off at the station will find it impossible using the double width access to the park.  They will either go into the car park and attempt a U-turn inside the car park, completely blocking the car park, or more likely they will park briefly but illegally outside the station grounds, blocking the road.

Lachlan, and the BCCT, ask why this change was implemented.  Two single access paths take up no more room than the proposed double exit, but allows continuous flow of traffic through the restricted space.

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