Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trust Autumn Walk this weekend!

The Autumn walk is described in the post on this blog dated 1 April.  Recognising that the advertised autumn walk is longer than normal, it has been decided ALSO to hold a shorter walk for those who feel the full walk is a bit daunting. 

The full walk involves two hours of steady  walking.  There are steps along the bush tracks, the occasional puddle and a small creek crossing, but it's still a bit much if you have a dodgy knee or heart.
The short walk will be shorter and slower.  It will do a loop, up Day Rd to Sutherland Rd where there will be a brief talk about the proposed seniors development at 14-18 Sutherland Rd .  Then along to Kethel Rd to Malton Rd and meet the main walkers at the Malton Rd subdivision site at about 3.30pm.  There will be a short talk about the subdivision and its impact on the biodiversity in Byles Ck
Then both groups will combine and walk back to Day Rd via the bush track along Byles Ck.
Expect afternoon tea about 4. 10 at the end of Day Rd.

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