Thursday, March 10, 2011

DA Processes, Information, and How To Object

The Trust has been asked to consider the DA application DA/109/2011 for Seniors Living Accommodation at 49A 51 & 51A Copeland Road Beecroft NSW 2119.  A meeting of concerned neighbours is being organised.  If you wish to learn more, or attend a meeting, you can add a comment to this post (To enter a comment, the blog requires you to have a google or other account, eg hotmail, to ensure comments are authentic).

A significant general issue with these development applications is the lack of information given to residents.  Usually all you find outside the applicable premises is a standard form saying a DA has been lodged, giving advice on how to find out more and how to lodge an objection.

In this case, the complainant visited the Council web site but had to attend at Hornsby Council to look at the full development plans.  The complainant says that the developer has not issued enough information to local residents, especially those who do not have access to a computer or who are unable to visit Hornsby Council to view the application and plans.

This blog will not comment on the specific Development Application until the Trust Committee has had a chance to review it.

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