Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Northern Sydney Freight Corridor

The Trust is following developments with rail in our area and have just been given the following advice:

The new track for the Northern Sydney Freight Line is likely to be built on the west side of the existing tracks, which will require new access to the down (west side) platform at Cheltenham and take out most of the car park.  At Beecroft a new track will intrude into the park and playground on that side. 

The track geometry at Beecroft is difficult - there is an S-bend through the station - and this may put the station building under threat.  This might mean residents get the new lift they have been campaigning for quicker than expected!

The Trust will also be monitoring the intentions for landscaping in the corridor between the stations.  Railway engineers seem sometimes just to spray everything that doesn't move with Shotcrete, which would destroy the rock faces and vegetated cuttings that characterise this section of line!

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  1. I would like to learn more. Please keep me informed.