Sunday, March 23, 2014

Minister responds about noise with ETTT

Here is the Transport Minister's response to a local's letter:
I acknowledge that noise is a concern for residents living close to rail lines. As Mr de Vries may be aware, the ETTT was only approved after a rigorous environmental impact assessment process and is subject to strict conditions.
These conditions are available online at
The NSW Government is committed to delivering this important transport project. However, Mr de Vries' comments are noted and he may be assured the project team will make every effort to minimise the impact of the ETTT on the local community.
Transport for NSW is required to develop a strategy for mitigating operational noise and vibration from the ETTT. This strategy will incorporate feedback from the Environment Protection Authority, relevant councils and directly affecfied residents. lt will be verified by an independent noise and vibration expert and made public.
Mr de Vries may be familiar with the considerable environmental and safety benefits of freight rail. The ETTT is part of the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor (NSFC) program which will eliminate more than 200,000 heavy vehicle road trips per year within 15 years. The NSFC will also reduce diesel use by almost 40 million litres and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 100,000 tonnes each year.
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