Monday, March 31, 2014

Community Meeting on The Module development DA 545

About 135 people attended including two councilors and a senior planner from Hornsby Shire Council, but nobody from State Government.  The authorities present were fairly pessimistic about the prospects of halting the development, but stress the need for people to keep writing to councillors and state planners with their concerns.

We were told that the legal minimum size for
Single bed units is 50 sqm. DA 545 proposes 75 such units ranging in size from 50 to 60 sqm;
Two bed units is 70 sqm. DA 545 proposes 43 such units of 85 sqm;
Three bed units is 95 sqm. DA 545 proposes 18 such units ranging in size from 95 to 120 sqm.

Clearly this development is not intended for local residents wishing to downsize!

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