Sunday, March 23, 2014

ETTT Environmental Failures

Amongst many other issues reported to the Trust is the following:

One of our advisors has disputed the statement below with the EPA & will be discussing the issue with them tomorrow morning. There was no water mist in the video & there was no water cart next to the excavator. The closest one was 600 metres further south in the Crescent and the “experts” who were trying to operate it couldn't even get it to work. He has offered the EPA all the raw high res videos for them to have analysed. The EPA has a responsibility to seek evidence beyond the information provided by the perceived perpetrator (the ETTT).

“The ETTT Alliance have advised us that at this location there is a water cart next to the excavator with a spotter using a high pressure gurney to create a fine water mist in the air to minimise dust generation.  According to the ETTT Alliance the video footage shows a combination of water vapour and dust within the corridor.  This explains why the dust we observed on Monday didn’t seem to drift off the premises.”

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