Sunday, March 23, 2014

HSC approves loss of White Stringy Bark Tree

An official from Hornsby Shire Council is informing local residents that the massive native White Stringy Bark which also happens to be endemic and endangered in Beecroft Cheltenham growing in the rear of 83 Beecroft Road, a 1880’s property called Mandalay, is to be felled under approval from Hornsby Council.
This tree has lived undamaged and un-harmed but much loved for well over a century. It is healthy, vital and a spectacular specimen of its sub-species or kind. It is the home to a myriad of native birds, possums and a huge population of native and exotic bees harvest pollen and forage for nectar in its flowers for months on end year in year out and they’ve done this for well over a century.

The BCCT responds that Council's decision is contrary to The Multi Housing DCP for the Beecroft Village re development. The DCP clearly indicates and Council has stated many times that all significant native trees are to be preserved in this multi housing precinct of Beecroft

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