Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DA 545/2013 Letter of Objection

This excellently expressed letter to General Manager HSC was copied to the Trust:

Dear Sir,
Re:  DA545/2013  Beecroft Module Development

We wish to lodge our objection to the proposed redevelopment of the Beecroft Module site as outlined in DA545/2013. We consider the development is unacceptable in its present form for the following reasons.

1.       The building is not in keeping with the heritage nature of the Beecroft village in style and amenity. To allow loss of heritage is a disservice and insult to the residents of Beecroft who are the rate payers of the area. All councils have a responsibility to serve the wishes of the residents of particular areas. There is no place for a “one size fits all” attitude in any suburb.

2.       The building appears to be a “grab” for dwelling space. 144 units are excessive by any measure in such a small space. This should be halved. In addition there should be a variety of unit sizes to allow equally for singles, families and retirees. This would fit with the diversity of the suburb.

3.       Car exit and entry to the proposed building is plainly inadequate and dangerous. This must be resolved to protect the many pedestrians that frequent the village precinct be they aged (many), young (many school aged), or family. The Hannah street frontage is steep, has poor vision for drivers and is already crowded. The Beecroft Road frontage, whilst better, has significant peak hour traffic jams.

4.       There is no allowance for the expected Village Square and public access is unacceptably limited. Beecroft residents consistently state they want a village atmosphere with comfortable open space in keeping with the heritage and social composition of the suburb. This building does not meet these essential criteria.

5.       As the village precinct is also a train and bus area, commuters and shoppers are part of the day to day mixture. The building does not provide for shelter from the weather along its frontages. This should be a fundamental requirement.

6.       Current commuter parking in Beecroft is inadequate. This building will exacerbate an already difficult situation. New planning should overcome inadequacies not the opposite. There is a great danger of loss of commuter parking adjacent to the station due to the third track that State Rail is constructing. This must be allowed for in all building proposals for the Beecroft Village precinct.

 7.       A five storey frontage is not in keeping with Beecroft. There should be a set back and stepped design that will maintain the beauty of the area and enhance the village character.
Finally, we would like to say that the current Module building is an inadequate, crumbling eyesore and should never have been built. We demand that this disaster is NOT replicated by another disaster and urge Hornsby Council to apply the most stringent standards so that the Beecroft Village is enhanced in keeping with the needs and expectations of the residents and rate payers.

Yours sincerely, (etc)

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