Monday, June 24, 2013

DA 545/2013 development of The Module at Beecroft Shopping Centre

The following is a copy of a letter sent to HSC on this topic, and copied to the Trust:

General Manager Beecroft 2119
Hornsby Shire Council

24th June 2013

Dear Sir

I am writing to comment on DA545/2013 which is a major redevelopment for Beecroft Village.

I have lived in Beecroft for 45 years now and have always enjoyed its village atmosphere. I was hoping that the rezoning would be an opportunity to improve the amenity of the area with well designed development. However is this what Council had in mind when it rezoned this area? Surely Beecroft deserves better than this.

Yesterday I went to Stocklands mall in Cammeray and had lunch in a restaurant in this new development which seemed a very sympathetic balance of residential, retail and public space including low rise shops and cafes around a public square. It had a nice inviting atmosphere for customers and I am sure residents too.

This Beecroft proposal is all about making the most profit out of the space available and has little to do with good design and improving the amenity of the site as it is now.

Some of the issues are:-

To attract a good mix of residents the apartments should predominantly be two and three bedroom apartments with more floor space which would be suitable for families and retirees. There could be some smaller one bedroom apartments but not the majority as in the current proposal.

This proposal has very limited public open space for people who live and shop in Beecroft or room for public landscaping and dare I say a few trees.

The design should be more sympathetic to the heritage feel of the suburb and there should be a mix of building heights to fit in with the topography of the site.

Parking and access and egress will be a major problem if this development goes ahead.

I am not sure just what influence Council can have on getting well integrated and sympathetically designed development but it can be done as I saw yesterday in Cammeray.

I hope Council will be able to influence the new development in Beecroft to compliment and enhance this heritage area.

Yours faithfully

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