Thursday, June 6, 2013

DA 545 Residential Plans for The Module

It is difficult and time consuming to download the details of the DA off the HSC website, so here are a few extracts.

The proposed residences are 144 units comprising 2 studios, 69 1 bedroom units, 61 2 bedroom units, and 12 3 bedroom units.

Total parking for residential, shop staff, and shoppers comprises 299 spaces, of which at least 150 will be for the residents and visitors, leaving 140 spaces for a much larger supermarket and many more shops.  The module currently has 100 spaces for the small supermarket and few shops and has been criticised for having insufficient spaces.  As HSC policy, each unit is only allowed one parking space although nowadays most 2 bedroom units would probably have two cars.  The parking plan appears to be silent on how residents and commuters will be prevented from parking in the shopping park areas, an issue which needs to be clarified.

Weekday traffic flow on Hannah street at the moment is monitored at 375 cars an hour (sum of both directions) with 90 cars an hour using the Module Car Park exit onto Hannah Street.  The traffic management plan does not discuss how residents will egress the building in the morning, concentrating on afternoon traffic management.

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