Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beecroft Shopping Village Development DA 545/2013

The DA for five storey development of The Module is now on the council website as DA 545/2013.  The application proposes four levels of residential units for a total of 144 units.  As predicted at the recent open meeting, access to the multi-level parking and shops will be through a single two lane entry onto Hannah Street, roughly the same as now but with a huge increase in traffic.

If you want to contact the Council’s Planning Division on the issued, their telephone number is 9847 6760.  However if you are protesting any aspect of the DA make sure you do it in writing so it is recorded.

To assist you in this matter, the development application and any documentation accompanying the application are available for inspection at the Customer Service Centre, first floor of Council's Administration building, during business hours.

Alternatively, Council has an Application Enquiry system which can be accessed via the Council’s Website, under the drop-down menus of ‘Building & Development’ and ‘Services & Facilities’.  The Application Enquiry system allows applicants and residents to check the details and progress of an application online and includes all documentation i.e. plans, statement of environmental effects, etc. associated with the assessment of an application.

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