Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hannah Street 5 Storey Development DA1305/2011

Regarding the previous post, the Trust is of the view that insufficient time has been allowed for consideration of this DA, and will be asking for an extension of time to allow wider dissemination of the application, and thereafter consideration of community views.
The Trust also believes that approval of any 5 storey development outside the area gazetted by the NSW government, namely the Beecroft Shopping Village precinct bounded by Beecroft Road, Chapman Avenue, and Wongalla Crescent, should be strongly resisted as a precendent threatening the officially recognised heritage character of the Beecroft and Cheltenham suburbs.
The Trust sees insufficient evidence that full consideration has been given to the consequences to traffic of a large community housing development between Hannah Street and Copeland Road.
If you have views on this matter, please contact the Trust at, but above all make your views known to Hornsby Shire Council before 1 February when responses are currently scheduled to close.

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