Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DA1305 - resident survey

The Trust seeks views of residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham on the following main issues regarding the Uniting Church’s proposal DA1305/2011 to build a multi storey 51 unit development between Hannah Street and Copeland Road, with 19 units for aged care and 32 for affordable housing for lower paid workers.  Please respond to secretary@2119.org.au with “Yes” or “No” against each of the following:

1.      Do you support multi storey aged housing in Beecroft?
2.      Do you support affordable housing in Beecroft?
3.      Do you support high rise developments anywhere in Beecroft/Cheltenham outside the Beecroft Shopping Village precinct?
4.      Do you think the present road system can accommodate traffic from another 51 residential units letting out onto Beecroft Road?
5.      Are you happy to have 71 trees (out of 95 on the site) removed?
6.      Do you think local residents have been given enough time to consider the application, with deadline for responses of 1 Feb?

But also write to the Shire, to C Ward Councillors, and to your local MP, with your views.

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