Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DA1305 - Resident Survey - Effect on Local Schools

Several respondents have questioned the viability of the Church's plan in the DA to restrict access to "low paid care workers", asking will such people be evicted if they change or lose their jobs?  One respondent says they should be, apparently Singapore has such a draconian rule, but it seems unlikely to be allowed in Australia.  But unless such a rule is enforced, then it is pointless to claim this accommodation will be reserved for such deserving cases.  It's just cheap housing, with no moral justification.

Another respondent points out the problem for local schools.  A lot of people take out short term rentals in Beecroft just to get their kids into BPS or CGHS, and often don't even move into the leased property and drop the lease as soon as their child is enrolled.  But at present it's hard to find such rentals within the school catchment areas.  This new development will provide a cheap and easy entrance for non-locals to get their kids into our best local schools, to the detriment of genuine residents who are hoping to get their children into these schools as they grow older.

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