Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NWRL Access to Cheltenham Oval

The M2 noise barriers at the Oval are all removed at the moment, so you can see from these pics that the land at the oval near the tennis court is at exactly the same level as the M2 road opposite!!! 

Nothing is required to get fire trucks off the M2 onto the access area other than a way to get through the noise barrier.  A gate in the noise barrier would be sensible, but failing that in an emergency the trucks will just bash a hole through.

The M2 operators are skilled at handling emergencies, shutting down lanes and closing complete sections of the motorway at least once a month, they are equipped and trained and practiced to handle this emergency, and the M2 provides perfect access to all the hospitals and emergency services in Sydney. 

Ridiculous to consider bulldozing a path to allow using other public roads for emergency access.

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