Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AGM Guest Speaker - Rail Freight Corridor Project

There were complaints after the AGM about the way questions on the RFC were limited.  Those people should refer to the original post, of 7 March, where we stressed that the speaker would not be able to talk on issues of existing rolling stock, existing noise and pollution, or weed control in the corridor, as these are all state rail matters.  It was disappointing that some members of the audience got quite aggressive when the speaker tried to stick to his remit, and the Committee tried to enforce the agreement that had been reached with the RFC about what questions would be allowed.
We have thanked the RFC for their offer to give this presentation and so make our members aware of the likely evolution of the project.  We hope that their reception at this meeting will not disuade them from such open communications in the future.
The Committee intends to have another Open Meeting, like the one held last October in which development issues including the Beecroft Shopping Village were discussed.  This next meeting will propbably be in July or August of this year, and we hope to make the RFC a significant element of that meeting, unless other even bigger issues have arisen by then.

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