Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Development Before Infrastructure

An article in the Epping Civic Trust bulletin for April records that two DAs (127/2012 and 236/2012) have been lodged for construction of 31 units and 35 units, in Keeler Street Carlingford.  During the extensive and acrimonious debate about HSC's housing strategy, Keeler Street was retained as an area to be developed despite the serious problems in the area, including inadequate public transport, parks and recreation areas, sewer, drainage, schools, traffic management, local health and emergency services, off street parking, etc.
At the time Hornsby Shire Council and relevant state authorities had advised Epping Trust that "no development should occur until the necessary infrastructure is in place". 
One hopes that these two DAs will be delayed on that basis, but there is little evidence of precedents supporting that hope.

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