Sunday, March 11, 2012

St George Beecroft Branch Closing Down

St George have sent out letters saying they have "reviewed branch locations to meet the needs of customers".  As a result they are closing the Beecroft branch, as of 5pm Friday 30 March.  That doesn't seem to meet the needs of Beecroft customers!  Why not be honest and say, "to save costs and cut staft, we are closing branches".  It's like those infamous recorded messages, "your call is important to us".

We are advised that there will be an ATM in Pennant Hills and another in Cherrybrook, which will be a great relief to present customers of St George Beecroft.

Does St George realise the damage a step like this makes to the Beecroft community?  People don't just come to the centre to visit the Beecroft bank branch, they do their shopping at the same time, in the Beecroft shops.  Now, if they have to go to Pennant Hills to bank, they will go there to shop too.


  1. I am so disappointed about this. I wonder if this is what all the letters from St George in today's mail box are about?

    What a complete shame. I hope they leave the ATM there at the very least.

  2. I just rang and registered a complaint: 133700
    I urge everyone else to call also