Saturday, March 24, 2012

BCCT Committee Nominations

The following nominations have been received, three from Cheltenham residents, and will be put to the AGM on Monday 26 March. 
Stuart Pittendrigh
1.  Resident of Cheltenham for 12 years
2. Member of BCCT committee for 6 yrs, Sec for 2 yrs, member of Development Housing S/Cmty
3. Chair Development and Housing Committee for last 3 yrs
4.  Practicing landscape architect, consultant arborist and horticulturist.
5. I use my professional skills and experience toward establishment and preservation of the natural and built environment and landscapes related to development issues.
Carolyn Watt
1. Lifelong family connection to Cheltenham
2. BCCT committee member for 10 years, former President and Secretary
3. Editor BCCT Bulletin 8 years
4. Passionate about preserving our heritage and environment
5. Active fighting development which threatens to destroy our suburbs
6. Listen to and represent the community
David Clark
1. Solicitor
2. Providing legal advice to the Trust Committee
3. Local government regulator
4. Lived in Beecroft over 20 years
Ross Walker
1. Member of trust committee for 15 years
2. Resident of Beecroft for 20 years
3. Bush Regeneration for 20 years
4. Active in assessing DAs for 15 years
5. Experience and knowledge of development approval process
Peter Hewitt
1.  Resident in Beecroft since 2004, partner owns business in Beecroft.
2.  Engineer by profession (MSc), 20 years in the Royal Navy before emigrating to Australia
3.  Managed major projects inc 19 yrs with Australian Submarine project
4.  Elected to BCCT Committee at AGM March 2011, took on Treasurer and acting Secretary.
5.  Actively involved with BCCT papers on DA1305 (Hannah St Multi Storey) and others.
6.  Created and now running the BCCT blog
Jo-Anne Cox
1.Qualifications: Degrees in mechanical engineering (1967) medicine and surgery (1978)
2. Residency in Cheltenham:18 months in Old Beecroft Rd then 54 yrs in Chorley Ave.  My father Bill Clarke was patron of the Cheltenham Rec Club when he died in 2005
3.Experience: Successful outcome from the North West Rail Link campaign.  Past committee member
4.Effective Representation:  I’m ready to speak out to help residents who need extra support.  We need to build up better access to our many highly-qualified local experts, whose voices aren’t sufficiently heard.  Expertise combined with local knowledge is a powerful tool.
5. My chief value to this community lies in my determination to help expose Hornsby Council’s carelessness, incompetence, bias, and intention to deceive – wherever we see it displayed by executives of the planning department, or by non-vigilant Councillors.  Brad Hazzard and Barry O’Farrell have said they will respond to demands for public accountability at all levels of government, let’s hold them to that.
Rod Best
1.            Resident in Beecroft over 8 yrs. 
2.            Chair of the local history group. 
3.            Active in local Presbyterian Church and the Beecroft Forum
4.            By profession a lawyer working in the area of child law
5.            Vice president of the BCCT for 3 yrs
David White
1.                   Professional architect in private practice in Beecroft for 22 years.
2.                   Resident in Beecroft 24 years
3.                   President of Civic Trust for 3 years from 2001 to 2004, rejoined committee 2011.
Michael Stove
4.                   34 years in the aviation industry covering general aviation, military aviation and airlines
5.                   Committee W Epping Pre-School, Judo Instructor, Police Citizen Youth Club, Football Coach
6.                   Landcare volunteer, Trustee for local scouting group, Clean Up Australia site manager
7.                   Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust Committee, currently President
8.                   Rainbow Club Committee
9.                   Qantas Foundation Ambassador
Anthony Whipps
1.  Lived in Beecroft 11 yrs
2. Member of BCCT since 2007
3. Served on Committee 2007 – 2009 and 2011 to present
4. 2 children at local schools
5. Actively involved in local community and sporting associations
6. Qualified hydraulic engineer and company director

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