Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photomontages in Development Applications

An excellent article in today's Sydney Morning Herald says that "Up to 90% of photomontages produced for development applications could be misleading".
David Rothschild, architect and planner, and Nigel Dickson, visiting professor at the University of NSW, say
there are many opportunities for misrepresentation, whether deliberate or not.  Such images should be verified independently. 
It was noticeable that for DA1305 the application shows a montage of the view of the proposed buildings from Hannah St but not from Copeland Road.  Because of the downward slope of the land, the higher houses on Hannah St will mask most (but not all) of the buildings behind, but from Copeland Rd the proposed buildings will tower over the existing residences. 
The NSW government is reviewing the State Planning system, but how can they frame a rule that requires developers to provide both the attractive and the unattractive views?

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  1. I thought of this development as soon as I read the SMH article this morning. Glad to see you've posted about it.