Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tree Replacement

One of the more thought provoking statements at the recent Open Meeting was from Councillor Michael Hutchence who said trees don’t live forever and must be managed. He suggested that residents should proactively plant new trees.  He also pointed out that owners are reluctant to plant trees that they may later not be able to chop down.
It is worth seeing how Ku-ring-gai Council addresses this issue.  Clause 4.3.6 of their DCP 38 for Residential Dwellings has a Tree Replenishment clause, "Landscaping proposals shall contribute to the replenishment of trees so as to maintain and restore the treed character of Ku-ring-gai."  Lots of less than 850sqm must support at least 3 treees, and so on up to lots above 1,500sqm which must support ten trees.

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