Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Optus Work Performed in Cardinal Avenue

The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust notes with great alarm the work done recently, apparently by Optus staff or contractors, in Cardinal Avenue.  It appears this work has been conducted in complete contravention of regulations and guidelines.

A row of significant mature Sydney Blue gum trees located within the Cardinal Avenue nature strip had their roots prejudiced and probably severed during the installation of communication cables, laid into a newly installed Optus box.  This work may very well result in the death of these trees, which have taken many decades to reach maturity.

These photographs show the evidence left visible above ground when the work was discovered by Trust officers.

In the middle of the trail of destruction is a new Optus box which is why we assume Optus contractors are responsible.

We included in our letter to Optus a paper explaining why the work performed is expected to have such devastating consequences on these magnificent trees.  The paper will be added as another post in this Blog.

Optus has been requested to investigate and report on this work and advise what remedial action or compensation is intended.

Meanwhile residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham should be alert to the hazard represented by these rogue contractors, and challenge them if they start endangering more trees.

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