Sunday, November 20, 2011

BCCT President's Report for 2011

2011 seems to have flown by, as the end of the year approaches it is appropriate to look back on the year and how Beecroft and Cheltenham were impacted.
However, firstly I would like to thank all of our Bulletin distributors, Brian Sippel and his helpers, for their efforts throughout the year. I would also like to thank my fellow committee members for giving up their time for the good of the community. We have a dedicated committee with expertise in advocacy, law, architecture, planning and environment.
This year the Civic Trust has been involved in:
* Clean Up Australia Day.
* Organisation of two very successful bush walks.
* Negotiations to have the Murray Farm Road bridge open with one lane controlled by lights instead of closure and improving pedestrian access.
* Having rail deadeners installed on the tracks between Cheltenham and Beecroft. We hope that TORFMA units will be installed to reduce the flange squeal from freight trains.
* Negotiations with Hornsby Council to improve the outcomes of the Housing Development Strategy for Beecroft.
* Negotiations with Hornsby Council to improve footpaths and drainage.
* Lobbying to save critically endangered Sydney Blue Gums and to improve street tree plantings.
* Reviewing all development applications for properties in 2119.
* Holding displays to inform residents of the impacts of high density housing and of the plans for the North West Rail Line.
* Holding two very successful public meetings and distributed five Bulletins to every residence in 2119.

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