Thursday, June 19, 2014

P Ruddock meeting about ETTT

Carolyn Watt of the BCCT Committee had a productive meeting with Phillip Ruckock today.  Unfortunately much of the meeting involved Mr Ruddock explaining why had he no power to change or even influence things. Perhaps the most significant comment was the following, extracted from Carolyn's minutes:

"The NSW Govt wants to get freight off the roads but freight companies prefer road as it is direct, involves less handling. Therefore to make rail economic for them, it is unlikely that they (the NSW Govt) will put pressure on rail operators to upgrade their rolling stock or take measures which would reduce the commercial viability of rail freight. They are relying on less costly measures such as rail lubrication."

It would be unfortunate if, after building and silencing the ETTT, rail prices were so high nobody wanted to use the extra freight capacity!

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  1. Does anyone know why coal trains are on the Northern Line? I've searched online but can't find any explanation and yet they seem to be increasing in number on the Central Coast. It's a worry for health reasons and they are very noisy.