Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ETTT Noise and Vibration

Two ETTT experts attended the BCCT Committee meeting on Tuesday night, to explain the Operational Noise and Vibration report which is now on display.  This shows the plans for noise screens alongside the track, and treatement for houses that are predicted to be adversely affectected by the increased ETTT traffic.
It's a very complex issue both accoustically and legally.  Let me try to summarise in simple terms what was said, but please understand this summary has not been vetted by anyone for its accuracy.
Noise barriers are expensive, and are not covered by the ETTT.  The original approved Environmental Impact Statement did not call for them, so if they are now wanted the taxpayer will have to pay for them, at typically $1M for quite short lengths.
People already suffering high noise levels from existing rail traffic will not necessarily get any remedy, on the same basis as people who bought houses under the flight path of an existing airport are not entitled to compensation.  Only where predictions show noise will increase by 2dB or more will the houses be shielded by noise barriers or have noise insulating treatment for their homes.  If that predicted 2dB increase won't happen for some years, then nothing will be done at this time.  The noise levels will be monitored after 1, 5 and 10 years, and treatments will be applied as appropriate.
Disturbingly (sorry for the pun) nothing will be done about increased sleep disturbance due to more frequent wheel squeal, only average noise levels are considered, not spikes and screams of noise that wake you up in the night.  We are constantly assured that steps are being taken to reduce wheel squeal, but the problem seems to be inherent in dragging the new longer wagons around the very tight curves at Beecroft.
Nothing can be done by the ETTT project team about noisy or polluting locomotives, unless political pressure can be exerted.  The ETTT has no authority to make the operators get rid of those old locos.  So complain to Phillip Ruddock and his fellow politicos.
A second Community Information Session will be held on Wednesday 4 June 5pm to 7pm at the Pennant Hills Community Centre, corner of Yarrara Road and Ramsay Road, Pennant Hills.

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