Sunday, May 11, 2014

Concerns about JRPP Hearings

The Trust received the following advice about JRPP procedures:
A GIPA application to the Dept of Planning disclosed the JRPP did not consider any verbal submissions or a written submission submitted to the JRPP hearing at Hornsby Council on 13 December 2013 about 110 units in Trebor Road.  There were no audio recordings made on 19 December.  The JRPP decision noted the names of the speakers but nothing about what they said.
For the 15 May hearing on The Module, it is suggested that everyone submits five copies of what they read out to ensure their concerns have been recorded and hopefully taken into account, both in this and any later hearings on the Application.

This concern arises from the way the Uniting Care development in Hannah / Copeland was decided.  After a stream of verbal submissions were given, all against the proposal, at the first hearing, the matter was deferred to a second hearing.  The Panel chairman had not been present during the first hearing and therefore had not heard any of those oral submissions. Despite this the chairman cast two votes (his own and a casting vote) in favour of the proposal.  
The Trust complained about this but were advised the chairman is not under any obligation to follow convention  and give a casting vote in favour of the status quo.

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