Sunday, December 8, 2013

NWRL and the Disabled

The O'Farell Government says travellers will be better off with the metro style NWRL.  Even before the hypothetical second tunnel is built, they will travel in faster newer driverless trains for some of their journey which will surely compensate for having to change trains a few times.  Of course the new NWRL metro trains will have fewer seats, but does that matter?
Well, yes, Adam of the BCCT writes in to remind us.  Fit and healthy travellers can indeed run up and down and across platforms to catch the diverse trains involved in NWRL commuting.  But as Adam says, the aged, disabled (especially wheelchair dependent) and ill passengers from Beecroft, Cheltenham, Pennant Hills, Thornleigh and Normanhurst traveling to Sydney will have to catch three trains via the Epping to Chatswood rail link.  This has so far been ignored by the NWRL publicity machine.  Hopefully Ms Berejiklian will soon explain her intentions for these disadvantaged travellers.

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