Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HSC's last chance to save Beecroft from Developers

Apparently before the auction of 109 Copeland Road last Saturday, the owner demolished the house and chopped down both poisoned trees! The police were called to keep the neighbours from lynching him.  Then the auction took place and the two cleared blocks sold for a total $2,380,000, a cool profit of $1,075,000 just for having the balls to do it and the gall to assume that even if the authorities took action any fine would be a trivial part of that obscene profit!
Come on Hornsby Shire Council, your electors are watching you!
(PMN - it transpires that HSC had in fact approved DAs that arguably permitted demolition of the house without public consultation!!  If so then the HSC needs to explain how such a thing can happen, granting a developer such a windfall profit)

If you don't know what this is about, I refer you to the main BCCT website, 2119.org.au, "recent submissions", "Poisoned trees at 109 Copeland Rd" of July 2012.

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