Sunday, November 4, 2012

NWRL Effect on Beecroft and Cheltenham

The following is a letter from a resident of Cheltenham that seems to summarise a problem the Trust is concerned with.

Catch the train? NWRL will remove your Direct Rail Link to the City.

On 29 October the NSW Government released the second Environmental Impact Statement (EIS2) for the North West Rail Link (NWRL).

EIS2 confirms that the NWRL will greatly disrupt passengers from Cheltenham, Beecroft, Pennant Hills, Normanhurst and Thornleigh want to go to the City or North Sydney.

The existing Epping to Chatswood Rail Line (ECRL) will be changed so that it will only run single deck trains between Epping and Chatswood. These lines will not be compatible with the current double deck network.

Passengers from Cheltenham, Beecroft, Pennant Hills, Normanhurst and Thornleigh will have to catch three trains to get to the city via Chatswood, instead of the single direct route we now enjoy. These residents will have to change first at Epping (to a single deck - which is likely to be crowded) and then wait and change again at Chatswood (back to a double deck train coming down the North Shore line from Hornsby).

This will mean:
  • you are more likely to be standing on your trip,
  • increased travel times,
  • more cars forced back onto the roads in these areas, and
  • the removal of a convenient train link to the city is likely to drive down property prices in these areas.
Lodge an objection to EIS2 to have your voice heard. Here’s How:
The only way to be heard is to voice your concern. Make a submission to EIS2 objecting to the proposal:
Submissions are due by 3 December 2012 and must include:

1.     Your name and address;
2.     The name of your application;
3.     The application number (SSl-5414);
4.     A brief statement on whether you support or object to the proposal; and
5.     The reasons why you support or object to the proposal.

Your submission should be marked “Attention: Director, Infrastructure Projects” and can be:
  • Emailed to:
  • Faxed to (02) 9228 6355
  • OR Posted to Major Projects Assessment, Department of Planning and lnfrastructure, GPO Box 39, Sydney, NSW 2001.
Transport NSW will also hold an information session about the NWRL at the Epping Club on 22 November from 4pm- 8pm. If you can, attend the session and tell them your concerns.
For more info also see:

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