Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Epping Thornleigh Third Rail - NTTAG submission

This post contains a few selected extracts from the EIS, with comments by the No Third Track Action Group in their submission.

The EIS talks of the Intersection of Beecroft Road and The Crescent, where they intend to have a construction compound and two access gates. 
NTTAG points out that this access, with the turn off into Kirkham Street, is already a traffic black spot, and the North West Rail Link intends to put heavy spoil and construction traffic up Kirkham Street at the same time as the ETTT is bringing construction traffic into the intersection.

Loss of Parking for Shoppers in Beecroft Village
The EIS claims there should be no problem with 200 construction personnel coming in by road each weekday, and parking in the many vacant parking spots around the village.  Presumably they will be starting work at 7am. 
NTTAG says, pity the poor shoppers looking for spaces after 9am!

The EIS advises there will be a construction camp in Old Beecroft Road!
NTTAG says the only exit is via the intersection onto Beecroft Road which is already hazardous with just local residents of Old Beecroft Road trying to get in and out.  Without traffic lights, trucks pulling out into fast flowing traffic pose serious hazards.

The EIS identifies a need to close and modify the bridge over the motorway, including closure of lanes and diversion of traffic on the M2. 
NTTAG says that, after two years of torment during the unwanted M2 Widening Project, a backlash of commuter fury can be expected!

EIS Para 5.7.1 says this program is only indicative -
NTTAG says "You are indicating it could take more than 45 months (ie 4 years +) and you believe this is an acceptable time frame to subject a community to excessive noise, excessive traffic, real safety concerns for our kids, loss of community facilities and services, pollution and that is just the construction period.  Rebuilding the Beecroft Rail Bridge a couple of years ago was proposed to take 8 months but took 18 months". 
EIS same para advises that sections of the main north line would need to be closed to undertake some of this work and buses would be used instead.  Just what the roads around Beecroft need during the chaos of coincident construction of the EFFT and NWRL!

EIS proposes to do major earthworks etc during night time and weekends, with indication of 12 heavy vehicle movements per hour.
NTTAG says this noise will be even worse for sleep deprivation than the finished rail freight system.

EIS proposes 24 hours per day working for five days between Christmas and New Year at end of 2014
NTTAG asks, what about family gatherings to celebrate Chrismas and a joyous new year?

EIS Para 5.8.1 forecasts 150 to 200 light vehicles accessing the site on a typical working day, up to 400 during rail closures, plus 120 light vehicles associated with the project office.
(and so on!)


  1. Another poorly thought out project heaped upon the communities of Cheltenham, Beecroft, Pennant Hills, Thornleigh....

    Community consultation? What consultation when the decision to go ahead has already been given.

    Why hasn't more thought been given to the marrying the F3-M2 missing link along with a freight line and 2nd crossing over the Hawkesbury ...too hard.

    Both Labor and Liberal governments are to blame for too long of inaction and playing politics over good decision making. Then we get nasty solutions like M2 widening, Freight line and the single decker train debacle. Shame.

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