Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How the NWRL will benefit Beecroft and Cheltenham

The BCCT Committee supports the proposed plan for the North West Rail Link because it will have great benefits for our suburbs. We are pleased the State Government is determined to build this much needed infrastructure.
The proposed tunnel from Epping to Cherrybrook avoids a huge and ugly dive point off the Main Northern Line which would have been difficult to construct with ongoing rail traffic. It would have been 6 tracks wide at the junction and required quadruplication of the entire track as well as rebuilding our stations.  The Village Green would have been resumed as a construction depot and residents would have been greatly inconvenienced for a long period of time.
In general, the key advantages of the direct tunnel from Epping to Cherrybrook (green alignment) as stated in the North West Rail Link, Options Review Report are:
􀂃 It would have the lowest life cycle cost, including a capital cost indicatively between $20
to 60 million less than other options, and reduced ongoing operation and maintenance
􀂃 It is shorter than the other four alignments by between 230 and 650 metres.
􀂃 It would have the least construction impacts including the shortest construction period,
smallest volume of spoil generation (up to 36,000 cubic metres less spoil) and the least
spoil haulage truck movements.
􀂃 It would provide the best ride quality because it is straighter than the other alignments
and has no reverse curves.
The green alignment would also have the following additional advantages:
􀂃 It would have the shortest journey time by between 5 and 24 seconds.
􀂃 It would require the least maintenance.
􀂃 It would consume the least energy and generate the least greenhouse gas emissions
during construction and operation.
􀂃 It would not impact the approved corridor for the Epping to Parramatta Rail Link."

As far as Beecroft and Cheltenham are concerned, this tunnel option will have the least impact on residents.  By providing much needed effective and efficient public transport for people living in The Hills district, road traffic and parking in our suburbs will be reduced. It is a great win for 2119.

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