Monday, April 4, 2011

M2 Widening At Chilworth Reserve

Clearing of trees and erection of fences for the construction camp under the M2 viaducts in Chilworth Recreation Reserve is progressing.
An access path at the western end will allow pedestrians to walk through, but will only be open outside of construction times.  It was open last weekend, although it was chained shut when I tried to go through midweek at 6pm.
The BCCT walk starting at 2pm on 17 April will inspect this area and go through the access path.  All are invited.  See an earlier post (March 23) in this blog for more details.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that the access path must be maintained during the works.
    Accepting that the path location may change as the work progresses there is no excuse to completely block access across the creek. This must be managed to accommodate both the right of way and safety concerns. If this means moving the fence corridor regularly or employing a safety crossing flag person then so be it. Pedestrian gates should not be found locked shut!