Thursday, April 14, 2011

M2 Access to Chilworth Reserve

The BCCT has sent the following to Transurban:

The Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust maintains a web-log to garner resident opinion on key and emerging local issues in (relatively) real-time.

Three comments have been made by residents regarding access across Chilworth Reserve during current M2 expansion work:

  1. “I agree that the access path must be maintained during the works. Accepting that the path location may change as the work progresses there is no excuse to completely block access across the creek. This must be managed to accommodate both the right of way and safety concerns. If this means moving the fence corridor regularly or employing a safety crossing flag person then so be it. Pedestrian gates should not be found locked shut.”

  1. “I have checked the access path repeatedly and it has been closed and locked each evening and I have only found it open on Sundays.  I think the Trust should apply pressure on the M2 to remedy this and restore reasonable access to what is, I believe, a public right of way.  At the presentation after the Trust AGM, the M2 people stipulated access would only be restricted during construction, and when I enquired after the meeting they advised this was 7:30am to 5pm.”

  1. I have gone down to the site 4 times after hours and found the gate locked each time.’

Please advise on the matter so that we can also email our 400+ Trust members and friends, and avoid being ‘a suburb divided’.



Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust

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