Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beautiful Tree at Beecroft Shopping Village

This Thursday at 10:00 the JRPP will decide on the Development Application for the corner of Beecroft Road and Chapman Avenue.  The one issue outstanding is the lovely White Mahogany tree in the rear of heritage listed 83 Beecroft Road. 
The developers want to knock it down so they can build another five units in their 90-unit development. The Civic Trust disagrees. Although the tree is not very visible at the moment, it will become the center-piece of the Beecroft Shopping Village when the Module development is complete. The new Module development proposes a central grass public area surrounded on three sides by residential multi-storey flat buildings.  If the tree is taken out, the grass area will be surrounded on all sides by residential blocks. 
But if left in place the White Mahogany tree would be a wonderful sight from that grass area!

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