Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Module Beecroft

An updated version of the Development Application for The Module in the Beecroft Shopping Village has been received.  Submissions on this application, for or against, must be in by 3 March.  The BCCT Committee is meeting with Hornsby Shire Councilors seeking information on progress against our original list of concerns, and this Blog will report on the result of that meeting.

The DA is, as before, DA / 545/2013 now proposing 139 mostly single bedroom units, which could be called a student residential accommodation block.  Student accommodation might make sense if the rail link to Macquarie University was direct, but under the North West Rail Link students will have to get off at Epping and join all the other commuters fighting to get on the NWRL toward the city.

The proposal talks of providing a mixed use commercial and residential building.  In practice it offers a supermarket and 11 specialty shops (commercial and retail).  This compares with 26 such shops and offices in the present Module building.  Hardly an exercise in developing a shopping centre, it seems to be just a token response to the zoning of the building as Mixed Residential and Retail.

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