Sunday, February 17, 2013

HSC Notification of Major DAs

The Trust has received a letter from a local resident concerned about the failure adequately to advise affected residents of major DAs, specifically his letter is regarding DA 38/2013, five storey development in the NE corner of the Beecroft Shopping Village.  The letter starts:

“While my residence is not adjacent or opposite the proposed development, it is less than 80 m away.  Putting a small DA sign on a front fence on one house in Wongala Cr is inadequate public notification.”

The Trust strongly believes that major developments that will affect the life and property values of very many residents across Beecroft and Cheltenham need much wider distribution, and very much longer submission periods.  In an earlier post we commented how a Cherrybrook DA was promulgated with open meetings for the public and widespread consultation, but it seems increasingly development in our suburbs is being conducted by stealth.

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