Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trees at 109 Copeland Road

Following the last blog about the JRPP Copeland Road development, people have asked about the 109 Copeland Road trees.

Since the auction of 109 Copeland Rd, the two trees at the north end of the block both have 1 inch holes bored into them with roundup added, and the leaves are already dying.  The Trust wrote to Council suggesting that any future DA should require the requisite area around the trees (10m or whatever) to be retained in perpetuity clear of development even after the trees have died and been removed, and that the owner should be responsible for planting new trees when that happens.

But that solution won't affect the DA1305 project because the development will have been completed and there will be no way to punish whoever poisons the trees in front of a multi-occupancy block of flats!

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  1. Thanks for the post.

    I had a look today, albeit from the street. I couldn't see the holes from that distance but the very sick or dead nature of the trees is obvious from York street.

    I am also concerned about the large gum close to the boundary shared with 107 Copeland

    Is it worth calling council? The new owners will need approval to demolish and build new dwellings so I think your suggestion has merit....