Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Response about DA1305 authority

This reply received from Hornsby Shire Council in response to the letter covered by the post yesterday:

The Sydney West Joint Regional Planning Panel is the determining authority for the proposed development. The Panel of five includes three appointed by the Minister for Planning and two nominated by Council. The two nominated Council members include former Councillors Janelle McIntosh and Felicity Findlay.

Attached is a Fact Sheet from the Panel web site which provides information on the decision making process.  

Yours faithfully

Garry Mahony
Senior Town Planner  |  Assessment Team 2  |  Hornsby Shire Council

The attachment referred to is a large document available on the JRPP website.  It includes the options for someone like Felicity, who is on the JRPP and also on the BCCT Committee.  To avoid a conflict of interest, Felicity has divorced herself from all discussion on this DA1305 issue in order that she can participate fully in the JRPP consideration of the proposal and the subsequent decision making.

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