Wednesday, October 19, 2011

M2 Project Noise Concerns in Beecroft

The Trust has received a copy of a letter sent by residents to the Director of the M2 Widening Project, expressing grave concern about the noise issue north of the M2 Viaduct over Chilworth Reserve, around Austral Avenue, Fiona Rd, and Chilworth Close.

The letter requests "in the strongest possible terms" that sound barriers be fitted to a section of road west of Murray Farm Road on the northern side of these viaducts.  Apparently the original M2 designers decided noise barriers weren't required for a 200 metre stretch of the M2 there because the noise dampening effect of the Chilworth Reserve bushland would dampen the noise before it affected residents in properties to the north of the park. 

It is worth commenting that this decision did not show very much respect for the recreational users of the reserve!  Those walking in this area are exposed to very high traffic noise which will get much worse with the extra traffic now anticipated after widening.

That original decision clearly needs to be reviewed now that the road is being widened specifically to provide for increased traffic with increased noise levels.  The Trust supports the letter writers' views and seeks opinions from other affected parties.

The Trust will raise this issue at the forthcoming Open Meeting, 7:30 Monday 31 October in the Cheltenham Recreation Club, The Crescent, Cheltenham.  All residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham are welcome to attend.

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