Wednesday, May 4, 2011

M2 Response to a BCCT enquiry about the Murray Farm Traffic Lights

Thank you for your email and feedback regarding the temporary traffic management at the Murray Farm Road Bridge.

Several residents have also advised us of the traffic signal sensor issue and we believe confusion is created by the keep clear line marking at the nearby intersection. We have reviewed this set up in consultation with the RTA and will remove the ‘keep clear’ line marking. This work will be undertaken next week. A ‘STOP HERE ON RED SIGNAL’ sign already in place will be replaced with a larger sign.

We followed up your suggestion for the location of the advance warning Variable Message Sign at the corner of Murray Farm Road and Orchard Road with the traffic management team. Numerous locations closer to the traffic lights were considered however the current location was deemed most suitable as it ensures the sign is visible, does not block access to anyone’s property, it does not obstruct other signs and other signs do not obstruct its visibility.

Other locations that we identified it can physically and safely fit would result in it either
·         Blocking access to pedestrian paths or letter boxes
·         Blocking sight distances from driveways or side street
·         Be partially obstructed by vegetation or other signs we have installed

Please note that the four electronic signs including this one are acting as advance warning signs and will stay in place for approximately another 4 weeks before being removed.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call us on 1800 196 266.

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