Monday, December 20, 2010

M2 Widening Project Kirkham Bridge Status

Kirkham Road Bridge, also known as Murray Farm Road bridge, over the M2, joins Murray Farm Road to Beecroft Road. 
The original M2 Widening Project EPA authorises single lane closure of this bridge, during widening of the spans to accommodate the wider motorway underneath.  Traffic lights controlling flow seems eminently sensible.
However it is now reported that the RTA and Transurban are considering alternatives, including demolition and rebuilding of the bridge.  At first they said this would take "over six months", now they are forecasting it would take 10 months, and many residents fear the bridge will not be replaced until all work under the bridge has been completed, ie 2 years. 
Obviously that solution will save Transurban an immense amount of money, on a fixed price job,very attractive to the contractor.  But it would cause immense disruption to the lives of the residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham, and permanently damage many businesses.
The RTA has promised there will be public consultation and an opportunity for the public to make submissions on this issue.
This blog will keep residents informed of anything that is heard, both rumours and facts.  Watch this blog!

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