Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rail Noise

The Transport Construction Authority has invited 'organisations with experience in providing noise and vibration assessments to submit tenders for the role of Acoustic Technical Advisor on the Epping to Thornleigh Third Track and Gosford Passing Loops projects. These projects are components of the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor Program.'


  1. i really wish transport authority does something about the rail noise as a priority. i live in Thornleigh and my house backs onto Northern Railway corridor. We moved to this place sometime back and I can tell you that the rail noise only seems to be getting worse each day with the increase in freight trains and their shockingly loud engines that wake us up from sleep each night. i have lived close to the line earlier on north shore but this is totally unbearable. some commuter trains can also be extremely loud. Australia takes pride in its quality of living but this situation is worse than third world.

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  3. Agree. We live in Beecroft near the bend of the track and it is deafening, not just the loudness but the screeching high pitch. I really worry for our kids' mental health and hearing. I am told by the Department for the Environment & Heritage that their hands are tied because the law doesn't give them the kind of power over the railways or operators - in contrast to the law that would rightly stop us if we were using a jack hammer outside a neighbour's home. Political pressure. Greg Smith MP for Epping has show little interest in this issue compared to say the M2 - and his hobby horses of anti-gay marriage and being Facebook friends with anti-Muslim folk.